ISATON SCRAP, a partner of Yuji Junkshop, is the leading trader and importer of scrap metals in the Philippines. Our company provides the following services including but not limited to Efficient Dismantling of your scrap through the use of state of the art equipment, Dedicated Site Clearance to minimize your cost and Reasonable Scrap Valuation to maximize your revenue.

Aside from being the leading trader of scrap metals in the Philippines, we at ISATON SCRAP, together with our team of local and foreign Scrap Experts, as well as our affiliate Transport and Logistics Team also provides scrap warehousing, domestic and international scrap transport, shipping, barge services, marine insurance, sea freight and cargo trucking to move your scrap cargo in and out of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, United States, Canada, and the countries of South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Pacific, Eurasia, Oceana and Africa.

Company Vision

To be the leading trader of scrap metals in the Philippines as well as in the countries of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Americas.

Company Mission

To utilize our more than 55 years of combined expertise in dismantling, recycling, trading, transport, logistics of scrap metals in the Philippines and other countries worldwide.


ISATON SCRAP strives to maintain an ethical and high standard of company governance imbued with integrity, transparency, accountability and passion for service to its shareholders and the society.

Thus, we adhere to the International Best Practice and Environmental Compliance involving the dismantling, site clearing, transport and logistics of scrap metals to protect the environment and ensure sustainability of the global metal resources.

We at ISATON SCRAP continuously pursues strategies to bring long-term value creation for our shareholders, in a manner that raise the bar of commodity trading code of conduct and governance at par with the international standards.